6 Secret Ways Naturally

6 Secret Ways to Naturally Relieve Back Pain and Stress

Back Pain
1. Stretch — A simple gentle stretch of the joint can be beneficial in many cases. Most people with aches and pains forget about this simple fact of moving the muscles and breathing! My favorite way to effective stretching it to inhale as I begin the stretch and exhale though my nose as I extend the stretch. This will not only bring more oxygen and blood flow to the area, it will create a deep stretch allowing for better movement. Not sure what stretches to do? Ask us or visit www.haquechiropractic.com for ideas!

Ice — Icing is a natural anti-inflammatory because it causes the arteries to constrict decreasing SWELLING! What most people find is that icing is not soothing but it will sooth if done correctly. What I mean is that the first few minutes of applying ice to a swollen area may be uncomfortable but after about 5 minutes the numbing sensation will kick in and begin to feel good! Be sure not to ice more than 20 minutes because it will create a reaction (Huntington’s Reflex) where the blood vessels will dilate bringing in more blood flow and increasing the swelling. Check out my favorite homemade ice pack recipe at on my blog at www.haquechiropractic.com.

Heat — moist heat is my favorite type of heat to use (not an electrical heating pad) because it tends to really melt muscle tension away and moisten muscles. Heat is a great tool for people who suffer with arthritis or chronic aches and pains. My best heating solution is to use a moist towel that is warmed up in the microwave so it becomes steamy and apply to tightened joints.

Move — This may seem intimidating for some people because when people are hurting it might not feel good to move! If you are feeling this way, then I strongly urge you seek help from a doctor. But movement for aches and chronic joint pains is the key to get the blood moving and therefore the joint to feel better and heal! After all, motion is life! If you are feeling stiff, move the joint around by going for a walk, preforming range of motion exercises etc. If you suffer with back pain and want to learn what exercises to do to help you feel better and slim down you can visit www.weightlosslivermore.com.

Posture — Often times, bad postural habits can be the culprit to aches and pains and further injuries. We are not built to sit at a computer station for long periods of time. We are made to move! So most of us have jobs and lifestyles where we end up doing one thing for long periods of time which can create bad postural habits. Be mindful of your posture. Sit up tall, keep your neck pulled in (like a soldier at attention), contract your abdominal muscles (helps the lower back with sitting) and get up frequently so you don’t end up with further spinal injuries.

FOOD FOR MEDICINE! The last little secret I share with you that I share with my patients is eating the right foods for pain. Yes what you put into your mouth ultimately will affect how you feel and who you become. So why not eat the right foods to help heal and relieve your pain? Some common foods that help with pain and inflammation are omega-3 fats. Yes fats but the good kinds like fresh wild fish, avocados, almonds, walnuts, olives etc. Cayenne pepper has also shown pain reducing properties! For more information on what foods to eat… you can contact us at www.haquechiropractic.com.

We are happy to help you in any way we can. Remember we are the top experts at reducing pain, correcting spinal problems, weight loss and exercise NATURALLY in Livermore. For more helpful information you can visit us online at www.haquechiropractic.com or contact us at (925) 960-1960. To meet with the doctor to discuss your health goals is always COMPLIMENTARY.

We look forward to helping you live a healthier, happier life!

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