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Don Parker

Walk in and try out a fat blasting fitness session for only $29! Or upgrade to unlimited sessions for one week for only $35.

Only available to new clients for the first time.

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Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays at either 5am, 6am, 8am, or 9am.
Call (925) 699-7063 to reserve a spot or walk in!

Lifestyle Fitness

Don Parker has always been an advocate of health and fitness. From early childhood he discovered weight training and never looked back. After working in corporate America and lacking the passion he possessed for fitness and training, he decided to leave and follow his true calling.

After receiving personal training certifications in AFAA and ACE, he helped many reach their weight loss and fitness goals at 24 Hour Fitness. Don’s clientele grew rapidly which allowed him to found Lifestyle Fitness in 1999.

Don ParkerDon Parker, ACE Cert.

Why a 60 year old Personal Trainer is boycotting ONE ON ONE Training and has created a UNIQUE approach to helping people LOSE WEIGHT, TONE UP and FEEL BETTER quickly and without breaking the bank!

Going to Gym and No Results?

A note from trainer Don Parker who revolutionizes the way people get personal training and get into shape…

Dear Friend:

If you’re like me, then you know how hard it is to get into shape. From trying to get to the gym regularly, to finding the motivation to workout after a hectic long day, to piling up any kind of excuse that sounds good at the time. Not to mention there is so much controversial information on the best types of workouts to do that actually get results.

This is why so many people have turned to hiring a personal trainer and yes, it can help because it will make you “accountable to show up” knowing that you’ve paid for their time. It can also be a benefit YOU because it takes the guesswork out of what exercises to do.

After 20 years of personal training, I’ve helped thousands of people get into shape quickly and easily that thought they would never be able to get into shape again. My motto has always been to do things with the least amount of work – in the shortest period of time and that is what I want to teach you if you are strapped for time but you still value your health. I realize that I am only one person and have limited number of hours like you do. I want to help more people look and feel better and that is why I no longer believe in one-on-one personal training.

Don Parker Lifestyle Fitness

I have decided to revolutionize personal training to help you get into shape quickly, easily and affordably with three options that make sense.

After sitting down with you and figuring out what your goals are, how long it will take to get you to reach those goals, and exactly what you need to do that, we’ll decide if you are best suited for a weekly training session, a twice per week session, or three times per week session.

And here’s the best part…

These training sessions will be shared with someone else who is in the same mind frame as you…wanting to get into shape and see results quickly! You’ll motivate each other and you can choose your specific time to get your workout in.

Your workouts will be fun, and creative. They’ll incorporate strengthening, cardio-vascular condition and improved flexibility, all while you burn fat. The best part is that these workouts won’t take you hours to complete. It’ll only take you about 45 minutes! These are not the type of workouts that will kill you either. They are effective and provide FAST results which you can see within just a few workouts.

Don Parker Training Haque Livermore

Here’s what’s included in your monthly fitness package:

  • A private, comprehensive fitness and goal evaluation to determine what training you need and how long it will take me to get you there
  • A full check up with the doctor (in house) to make sure you are not prone to injuries for quickest results
  • A one-of-a-kind nutritional evaluation and diet plan
  • Complete access to the facility when we are open for cardiovascular training

This program is for you if you are…

  1. A person who is interested in getting those stubborn pounds off
  2. A person who is tired of paying for gym memberships and not getting fast results
  3. A person who would love to have a personal trainer
  4. Ready to get into the best shape of your life

So now for the BIG QUESTION:

How much does this personal training cost?

Because I am passionate about doing this and want to help you look and FEEL the best you’ve ever felt and looked, I am going to provide 15 of these packages at a FRACTION of the COST of PERONAL TRAINING!

The three fitness options are as follows:

  • GOOD: Weekly personal training session for only 179/monthly
  • BETTER: Twice per week training sessions for 269/monthly
  • BEST: Three times per week training sessions for 379/monthly

Just call my office (925) 960-1960 or my cell phone directly at 925-699-7063 and tell Cassie or Sandy you want to reserve a spot for our special “Ultimate Fitness Package” special.

I will SAVE a time slot for your fitness evaluation and goal planning session. But don’t procrastinate on this. I have only reserved 15 of these special packages and at these prices, they’ll go fast and when they’re gone…they’re gone. CALL NOW.

Don Parker, ACE Cert.

P.S. Do me a favor. I want to help you if you want the help. The proof is in the pudding. You can buy expensive equipment off the internet, or TV and then use it as a coat hanger or you can call my office now and get an appointment and get started. It’s your choice, but if you want results, you have to call.

Only call me if you are serious about getting into shape, losing inches, losing weight, and looking the best you’ve ever looked. Once you get started, you’ll never look back, but you have to pick up the phone and make the call today. Once you’re scheduled, I’ll show you how to look like YOU want and have the self esteem and confidence like you had years ago, and we’ll do it together. You won’t be disappointed.

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