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Your first visit to Dr. Haque’s wellness center includes a warm welcome to our spa-like facility. If you are trying to address a pain or condition, after receiving a tour of our facility you will be taken to meet the doctor who will discuss your health history, condition, health goals and concerns in detail.

If she determines she may be able to help you and accept your case she will continue forward in preforming a thorough chiropractic exam which will include several neurological, postural, muscular and orthopedic tests. If X-rays are necessary, they will be taken safely for the area.

The doctor will usually need a little time to study your tests, x-rays to determine whether she can help you. For this reason, a follow up visit will be scheduled promptly to go over your results.

On the day of your results the doctor will review with you the following:

1. What she found with your condition
2. Explain your x-rays (if taken)
3. Whether she can help you and accept your case
4. What the treatment options would include to best suit your goals
5. What costs and insurance coverage is available and payment options for your convenience.


What happens with your first visit for the Doctor’s Supervised Weight Loss Program (lose up to a 1lb of fat per day)?

After filling out a quick questionnaire about your weight loss and health goals, Dr. Haque will review it in detail and give you a chance to view the entire weight loss program and how it works. She will then discuss your questionnaire, your weight loss goals to see if this program is the right fit for you to lose real fat tissue in a short period of time naturally.

If she finds you are a candidate for the program, she will review the protocol and different payment options that suit your budget and needs.

There will be follow up appointments either in person, over the phone or email to make sure you are reaching the success of your weight loss goals!

What happens with your first visit for the Fat Blasting Exercise Program?

Don Parker, fitness expert will welcome you to the facility with a tour of the gym and equipment and all they have to offer. He will then review with you your health goals, weight loss concerns, fitness goals and nutrition history to see if he can help you. If he determines you are a fit for one of his fat blasting programs, he will suggest the right program that will help you reach your goals and go over cost options. This 20 minute no-cost consultation will end with your scheduled check-up with the doctor so you can start your fitness program and get RESULTS!


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