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“My husband Glenn and I have been clients of Lifestyle Fitness since October 2004. Lifestyle Fitness has provided us with an all-inclusive program of diet, cardio workouts and weight training. What is unique about this program is that you have scheduled appointments each week with your personal trainer. He or she works only with you and/or your partner to maximize an efficient and safe workout. Glenn and I have both been very successful, with our trainers guidance, in greatly reducing our weight and body fat.When we started the program we were both over weight and in the obese range for body fat.

Glenn is now in the lean range and I am in the low normal range. Our trainer and Don Parker have always made themselves available to help us with any concerns, questions and goals. Being a part of Lifestyle Fitness has been key in our continuing success in being fit and healthy.”

– Glenn and Cheri –

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination”

I am a 43 year old woman with adult onset asthma who joined Lifestyle Fitness January 2005, and with their guidance and encouragement I had lost 25 pounds.

I stopped coming in April 2005, I thought Asthma was an excuse to not be healthy, and take care of me, boy was I wrong!! When I came back in May 2006, I had gained back what I lost previously with Lifestyle Fitness plus MORE!

I know that life will always be filled with challenges……. asthma, vacations, birthday parties, bbq’s, potlucks at work, holiday functions, beer….. and I know all of that is part of life and that “I” needed to make lifestyle changes.

I eat what the Body craft menu says to, when I do go out to a restaurant I switch dressing for Salsa, and use other alternatives that will not sabotage my progress. I know every single excuse on why I cannot eat right but have found more excuses for why I CAN eat right.

I have managed to get my asthma under control through getting back to regular exercise and eating right. I have more energy than ever; I am back to running and doing small 5 and 10K races and no longer have a need for Prednisone! I have lost 42 pounds, 34 inches total, 8% body fat I feel so much better and enjoy the positive reinforcement I receive now for treating my body well.

I am busy just like everyone else, I work full-time, commute 2 hours a day, go to school, study, cook, clean, have a home, 3 step-children, a man I adore and love, and I make sure that “I” have at least 30-90 minutes a day that are mine to keep me healthy.

I love all of the staff at Lifestyle Fitness they are always available for me and help me with all my fitness needs and being accountable to someone is important to me and gets the results I want. Lifestyle Fitness has helped me make positive, permanent lifestyle changes in my LIFE!!!

“If you think you can you are right, if you think you cannot you are right”

– Andrea Trujillo –

“You have heard it a thousand times that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I only have one word to say, ‘determination’, if you set your mind to do something, you can do it. Being determined means having focus and support. Thank you Lifestyle Fitness ‘Don’ for helping me reach my goals. Exercising and eating right is the only way to a healthier you.”

– Loraine –

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