Healthy Travel Docs Program

Haque Chiropractic Healthy Travel Docs Program
Haque Chiropractic Healthy Travel Docs Program

Be ready for the best trip of your life by asking us about our new HEALTHY TRAVEL DOC’S PROGRAM:

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Listen to the Healthy Travel Docs Interview with Dr. Anita Haque:

Haque Healthy Travel Docs Part 1

Haque Healthy Travel Docs Part 2

Time for vacation! You’ve got your passport, reserved the kennel for Rover, stopped the mail, notified your bank, got the neighbor kid to water your tomatoes, made your reservations, booked the car/plane/train, packed your bags, made your list, checked it twice and PHEW! Preparing for a trip is exhausting! But all the preparation in the world means nothing if you haven’t prepared the most important thing of all: YOU!

We know all too well what happens when people forget about preparing their bodies for vacation. We’ve seen it dozens of times – people heading out of town unprepared for unusual physical conditions or situations, and then getting sick or having a terrible time on their dream vacation or needing a vacation from their vacation when they get home.

Patients and clients, new and old, from near and far, are invited for a consult with Dr. Haque and Don Parker generally six to twelve weeks in advance of departure. The Healthy Travel Docs questionnaire determines exactly what kind of vacation it is and what will be required for optimum enjoyment. Most people’s vacations look quite different from their regular daily lives, so if you have an office job and you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on vacation, Haque and Parker build your muscles and stamina. If you live at sea level but you’re vacationing at altitude, they increase your lung capacity in advance. And if you’re traveling by plane for many hours, or your trip involves sightseeing from a coach or a train, the Healthy Travel Docs give you tips on how to avoid ailments associated with sitting for extended periods of time, and the list goes on.

We determine what you’re doing now and figure out a plan for what you’ll be doing in six weeks. Our goal is not to find more things for you to have to do before getting out the door, but rather, get you to start prioritizing real travel preparation. What good is getting your house in order if your real house, the one taking you on this trip, isn’t ready for it?

Some of our Top Healthy Travel Doc Tips:

  • Walking’s easy ‘til you’re doing it for hours on end. Choose the right shoes, start training early, and get up to speed in a few weeks.
  • Going up? Build your lung capacity.
  • What to do about irregularity—a real vacation-buster!
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! And what to do if the water isn’t safe to drink.
  • Lived a little too large last night? A quick hangover cure that’ll get you back up in time for the next event.

To get started on a program, click here to download the Haque Travel Docs Questionnaire, or call us right away (925) 960-1960 to set up your consultation either in person, over the phone or online.

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