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People who want a healthy lifestyle, wellness & fitness.

What Kind Of Health And Fitness Challenges Can You Help Me With?

Weight Loss – We offer a program that is geared and guaranteed to provide the individual results of body fat loss, increased energy and life-changing habits so that the results last. This program is best suited for those who has wanted to lose weight and may have tried to work-out on their own and are unhappy with their results. This program includes personalized training, motivation and nutritional program.

Conditioning/Fitness/Toning – This is the type of program geared for the person who does not have a lot of weight to lose but wants to tone and sculpt their body to provide them with improved shape and confidence.


Muscle building – This is the program that is for the type of client who wants to increase their muscle tone and strength to reach a specific goal.

Rehabilitation – This type of program is for those people who want to get back into shape or strengthen a weakened area of their body such as a bad knee, hip, ankle, shoulder etc. Coupled with the Chiropractic care and tests, this type of program involves careful examination, treatment and rehabilitation strengthening exercises to provide more flexibility, healing and usage of the muscles.

Combination Of Weight Loss, Conditioning And Rehabilitation – This is one of our most common type of client who may have gained weight after an injury to their spine or joint(s) and are looking for a facility that will not only treat the injury but allow a safe and effective program for them to get healthy and into shape with one-on-one personal training sessions, chiropractic, massage and physical therapy.

BallsWhat Are The Benefits Of Combining A Nutritional Plan With the Fitness Training Program?

True weight loss is a combination of good diet and exercise. For results these two components go hand in hand. Weight training develops muscle and muscle burns fat. Developing muscle, however, will not take the excess weight off. Many will discover that muscle will start to develop under fat cells giving a look and feel of bulk instead of lean. Our nutrition program is not a fad diet or a low carb diet. It is structured based on your body’s measurements and contains 5 full meals each with good protein fats and carbohydrates.

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