Common Questions for the New Patient

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is world’s largest natural health professions. It is based on improving your brains ability to communicate to the body through the nerves in the spine. It helps many conditions from pain relief to asthma.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractors are specially trained to locate and correct spinal nerve stress (also known as vertebral subluxations). Subluxations weaken your body, stress organ systems (such as digestion, elimination, and respiration), lower resistance to disease and affect posture, height, brain function and overall health.

What Is A Subluxation?

A vertebral subluxation is a vertebra that is in improper position and alignment causing decreased motion and pressure on a nerve. Vertebral subluxations can occur at any age. IN fact, children get the m from falls, birth trauma other forms of stress. Subluxations received from infancy or a childhood fall may remain in your body for life unless corrected. Many adults today suffer from subluxations they received in childhood.

What Is An Adjustment?

Spinal adjustments are gentle and effective procedures used to realign vertebrae and free your body from subluxations.


How Will I Feel?

Most patient love the way their adjustment feels. Many feel a sense of relief from the vertebra being moved into proper alignment. A lot of patients will have an instant feel of being less tight and more flexible. Some times if the injury is severe the adjustment may be uncomfortable for a split second.

What Does It Cost?

Our office will take most PPO insurance plans with Chiropractic. We also offer affordable cash plans and payment plans. Call us for more details.

Is It Safe?

Chiropractic is not only safe but many studies have been conducted throughout the United States and Canada for over 50 years showing the safety and effectiveness of Chiropractic treatments.

Do I Have To Go To A Chiropractor Forever?

Every patient that comes to our office is evaluated and then given a specific treatment program in order to correct the cause of their condition. The number of adjustments required is based on the individual case. People do not have to go to their Chiropractor forever. Many patients stay on a maintenance care program after their correction is reached so that they never regress back to day one or stay on for regular check ups to keep their spine as healthy as possible.

Why Should I Try Chiropractic First?

Chiropractic care is non-invasive. It is safe and effective and is a healthy route to try. Unlike drugs there are no toxic side effects to care. Unlike surgery, there are no serious risk factors or life threatening possible outcomes. Chiropractic care is a natural approach to relieving aches and pains, and developing a healthier spine and nervous system. See what our patients say by clicking here!

Do I Need X-Rays?

The necessity for X-rays will be determined based on the nature of your injury and the results of your examination tests. X-rays will be taken only if found necessary by the doctor.

Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

Many PPO insurance has some Chiropractic benefits. We would be happy to assist you in finding out your chiropractic benefits without our office. Please contact us today so that we can verify specific benefits of your insurance with our office.

The following is a list of insurance we take in our office.

Please note that this list is not a complete list and that we must verify all insurance before confirming coverage.

  • Blue Cross PPO, EPO
  • Blue Shield PPO, EPO
  • Aetna PPO, EPO
  • United Health Care
  • First Health
  • Medicare
  • Health Net PPO

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact us and fill out your information or call our office today at (925) 960-1960 to schedule and appointment for a consultation and examination. We would be happy to schedule you the same day as your call for an emergency.

What Will Happen On My First Visit?

On your very first visit to our office you will sit down with one of our expert Doctors to speak about your condition/injury and health goals thoroughly. Afterwards, the doctor will conduct a complete Chiropractic, neurologic, orthopedic, postural and muscular examination which consists of 66 different painless tests. X-rays will then be taken if necessary.

What Will Happen On My Second Visit?

After the initial exam and consultation is completed, Dr. Haque or Dr. Alejandra will spend time reviewing the results and develop a program of care for your condition. They will review the results of your examination and X-rays (if taken) and discuss what is wrong, if it can be corrected through Chiropractic care, how long the treatment will take, and the costs of care. If the doctor is unable to assist you with your condition she will also explain other options or health professions you can speak with. After a full report on your care is explained and if you are ready, the doctor will begin your treatment to better health and motion the same day.

What Will Happen On My Third Visit?

Your third visit to our office is nice and easy. It is what you can expect on the rest of your visits. You will sign in, get into one of treatment rooms, receive your corrective adjustment and therapy and then be on your way. The good news about Chiropractic care is that it does not take a long time!! Most patients are in and out the door within 5-10 minutes for their treatments so they can continue their busy life schedules.

What Are Re-Examinations?

Every 30-45 days of care, the doctor will spend some time re-examining your condition by checking improvement of your symptoms and tests results. This insures to you and the doctors that you are getting correction for your condition at the schedule she put together for you as well as making sure that the treatment provided is providing results.


Treatments Adjustments

There are various types of Chiropractic adjustments that can be utilized for care. Dr. Haque will determine what types of adjustments your body will tolerate and require in order to provide you with the safest and most effective care. Some of the types of adjustments include:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • SOT Blocks
  • Activator Release
  • Pediatric adjustments
  • Cranial-Sacral
  • Vibracussor

Extra-spinal Adjustments

Shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, ribs, hips, knees, ankle, foot and ear adjustments for sports injuries.

Physical Therapy

As part of your care, you will receive a certain number of physical therapy treatments in order to obtain maximum correction of your condition. Dr. Haque believes in treating the joint completely by addressing the alignment, nerve, disc, ligament and muscle. For this reason she will perform various physical therapy treatments that may include:

  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Traction
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuro-muscular Re-education
  • Ligament Stretches
  • Exercises
  • Manual Therapy
  • Vibracussor
  • Cryotherapy (new)


As your adjustments begin to stabilize, Dr. Haque and Dr. Alejandra will incorporate a stretching program for the ligaments surrounding the injured area in the spine or body part. These stretches will be performed with the doctors and once learned you will be encouraged to regularly perform at home too for further progress and flexibility.


In order to receive maximum correction of your condition/injury, the doctors will incorporate specific muscular strengthening exercises so that musculature will develop tone and strength to protect the joint and prevent future injuries. These exercises will be given to patients as they progress in their care.

Dr. Haque and Dr. Gil acknowledges the importance of general exercise for cardiovascular and weight loss reasons. They works closely with Lifestyle Fitness Trainers so that their patients can reach their fitness and weight loss goals. For more information on weight loss and exercise please visit www.donslifestyle.com.

They offer group training exercise packages that are in the same facility, are effective, safe and affordable to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.



The doctors incorporates the importance of nutrition with your care. Based on your condition and needs, they will discuss with you different vitamin and mineral supplements, hormone balancing, detoxification products and more.

Custom-Made Orthotics

The importance of foot and arch care is always evaluated with every patient during their examination. Improper foot health can cause many condition such as foot pain, ankle pain, hip pain and lower back pain. If needed, Dr. Haque will provide custom made foot supports by Foot Levelers. For more information on Foot Levelers please visit www.footlevelers.com.


Various spinal and joint orthopedic supports are available for purchase at Haque Chiropractic. These supports are from specialized distributors that only provide to Health Professionals. These include:

  • Orthopedic Neck Pillows
  • Bio Freeze
  • Back Supports For Chair/Car
  • Neck Orthotic For Traction
  • Orthopedic Backpacks With Lumbar Pump
  • Best CBD Creams
  • CBD pain pills, gummies and more

Why Haque Chiropractic?

At Haque Chiropractic it is our mission to serve each and every patient with the utmost care and uplifting service that will result in increased nervous system function, total body wellness without the use of harmful drugs and surgery.

Dr. Haque and Dr. Alejandra strives to provide their patients with corrective care programs that incorporate the complete joint by addressing the alignment, nerve, ligament and muscle involved in each injury or condition. She develops a specific program for every patient that includes effective and safe adjustments, stretches, and exercises. The doctors also insure that their patients get well by re-evaluating their patients regularly to measure their progress.

The doctors specializes in total body wellness by addressing other injured joint areas including rotator cuff shoulder injuries, knees, feet, wrists and any other movable joint in the body.